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Quality: A Must for Metal Fabrication in Los Angeles

Posted on Apr 22, 2014


About 8 years ago, we started getting inquiries for structural steel components and assemblies for building projects in the greater Los Angeles area. When it comes to metal and structural fabrication in Los Angeles, there are a lot of quality considerations that need to be taken into account.

The City of Los Angeles has what is called the Department of Building and Safety (DBS). One of the jobs the Los Angeles DBS does is ensure that any steel that is fabricated and brought into the Los Angeles area is done by a metal fabrication shop that they have thoroughly inspected and approved.

When working on a building in the LA area and a LA/DBS inspector comes to see the steel pieces for the project, the steel had better be fabricated in an approved fabrication shop, like Pen Manufacturing. Otherwise, there will be some big issues with the DBS. A large part of our business comes from the Los Angeles area, so it is of a high importance to us that we adhere to the quality standards not only for the DBS, but to provide the best quality for our customers. Quality and customer service are what have allowed us to serve the Southern California area for over 30 years.

So, within the last 8 years, we have provided and fabricated steel components for businesses and buildings all over the Los Angeles area. A few projects that we’ve worked on include:

  • A cell phone tower by the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
  • Steel components inside a huge bakery.
  • Steel for a couple of high rises in Downtown LA.

We even have one customer that from time to time has equipment he makes, installed in LA. This customer comes to us specifically for structural steel welding and fabrication to support his equipment. And our guys just kill it on these steel parts. Great welds all around!

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