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Solving Challenges for Customers. It’s What We Do

Posted on Mar 13, 2014

As a metal fabrication shop in Anaheim, our capabilities and projects usually consist of metal fabrication, welding and machining in the Southern California area. But when you are in the metal fabrication business, you’re in the customer service business. A lot of what our job consists of is really just solving challenges for our customers. Whether it’s a fabrication challenge or related, we are dedicated to finding solutions for our clients.

Tuesday, I received an e-mail from one of my favorite people who was in a bind and her machine shop couldn’t find an oversize metric tap. Oversized metric taps are generally used where a piece will be plated or heat treated after tapping. My friend’s machine shop was giving up and they were just going to send over parts to us to machine her project.

Well, I would run into the same problem as the machine shop. I didn’t have the oversize tap necessary. Specifically, the issue was that after the parts were to be machined by Pen Manufacturing, they were going to be plated. You would need to tap the holes oversize so that after they were plated and the threads are coated with the plating material, the size would be correct.

I made a couple of calls and did some searching. I found the correct metric taps on the shelf at an online industrial supply. When it comes to customer service, a lot of times going the extra mile to help a customer find a solution is all that is necessary.

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