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Pen Manufacturing can custom fabricate, machine, and weld various types and grades of aluminum including aluminum 6061, 6061-T6, & 6061-T651.

6061 aluminum is one of the most versatile of all the aluminum alloys because of its clean surface finish and good mechanical properties including strength, formability, weldability, machinability, and corrosion resistance. Since 1982, Pen has manufactured prototypes based on client’s drawings, CAD files, and 3D STEP files.

Aluminum 6061 Characteristics

Temper Yield Strength Ultimate Tensile Strength Modules of Elasticity Brinell Hardness (500kg / 10mm)
Untempered 11 19 10,000 30
Aluminum T6, T651, T6511 40 45 10,000 95

Aluminum 6061-T651

Aluminum 6061-T651 is the most versatile of heat treatable aluminum alloys and is also referred to as structual aluminum. Becasue of its good corrosion resistance, strength, machinability and weldability, aluminum 6061-t651 is commonly used for structual siding, fabrication, aerospace parts, welding, and machining.

Industries & Applications

Aluminum 6061 Services

Aluminum alloy 6061 can be forged, hot worked, and readily welded as well as heat treated, annealed, and aged. For these reasons, Pen Manufacturing offers the following services using this material:

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