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Pen Manufacturing provides a complete range of custom metal fabrication projects to the greater Los Angeles and Orange County, CA area including Anaheim and San Diego. Metal fabrication is a value added process that involves the construction of component pieces for machines and structures from various raw materials. As one of the most experienced custom fabricators in California, metal fabrication at Pen Manufacturing includes stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, structural steel and custom fabrication. We provide every type of metal fabrication, from sheet metal to heavy metal fabrication.

metal fabrication anaheim metal fabricator californiaStructural Metal Fabrication

Pen Manufacturing is a premier metal fabricator in Southern California. We fabricate projects of all sizes and scopes here in our Anaheim facility, shipping them out ready for assembly or installation. Many of the metal fabrication projects we do involve the construction of structures such as enclosures, platforms, test equipment, structural frames, staircases, or components, such as housings and fairings, or whatever the customer's drawing, concept, or CAD file may call for.

Metal Fabrication Company

Steel fabrication and machine shops have overlapping capabilities, but custom metal fabrication shops generally concentrate on the metal preparation, TIG welding, and MIG welding and assembly aspect while the machine shop is more concerned with the precision machining of parts. Metal fabrication at Pen Manufacturing is in a unique position because we have extensive experience in the welding and fabrication field and at the same time have considerable experience making precision machined parts. 

Pen Manufacturing possesses metal fabrication capabilities to assist your custom supply chain processes. We are able to handle large quantity jobs without sacrificing quality. Let us contribute our decades of experience to your custom supply chain manufacturing process, utilizing our resources including our Anaheim-based fully-fledged fabrication shop. Combining our staff's concepts and skills in precision machining and welding for the metal fabrication industry, Pen Manufacturing is able to help alleviate even the most difficult supply chain challenges. 

metal fabrication anaheim metal fabricator californiaMetal Fabrication Materials

The Pen Manufacturing team has wide-ranging knowledge and experience fabricating the following metals:

Aluminum Brass
Stainless Steel Bronze
Carbon Steel Nickel
Cast Steel Copper

The above table is a partial list of the metals that we can use to fabricate your products. If you're interested in using another metal that is not listed here above for your application, don't hesitate to contact us!

Metal Fab  - Design


Metal Fabrication - Stainless Steel Project


Metal Fabrication - Structural Steel Welding


metal fabrication anaheim metal fabricator california

Metal Fabrication Projects

Examples of customer projects, components, and parts for various metal fabrication clients include:

  • Wastewater Treatment Industry – biological wastewater system, fully integrated and packaged; entire metal fabrication and assembly were done at Pen Manufacturing, and ready for operation when the system was delivered to the customer's job site; nine tons when finished
  • Air Pollution Control Industry – 11-ton chamber constructed of 1/4 inch and 3/16 inch steel plate; steel fabrication done completely and constructed at our facility, sandblasted at a partner's site, and then painted by Pen Manufacturing at the customer's location
  • Custom Plastics Industry – hydraulically-actuated clamping device, designed by Pen Manufacturing staff using AutoCAD from customer sketches
  • Medical Laser Industry – application-specific electrical enclosure; Pen Manufacturing purchased a "stock" enclosure and reworked it for the customer's requirements
  • Plastics Industry – custom material handling cart; completely designed to the customer's specifications and built at our facility
  • Fiberglass Pipe Industry – custom-built mandrel. 24' long x 6' round that will be used to make fiberglass pipe.

Since 1982, Pen Manufacturing has been delivering custom metal fabrication assemblies, components, and parts to countless industries and applications across Southern California. No metal fabrication job is too small or too large for us. with your specific needs! Contact us for more information on our custom supply chain & metal fabrication anaheim.

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