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Our production team has had great success in machining plastics.  We take pride in our portfolio of work in plastics and it really does speak for itself. Plastics are commonly used in the construction industry because of its durability, cost effectiveness, recycling, energy saving, safety, and ease of installation. 

Material Plastics for Fabrication

Our material plastics used for fabrication include:

  • Lexan:
    • Used for safety and security glazing and applications which include bus shelters, aircraft windows and sound walls
  • Polypropylene:
    • Versatile and great for applications that require chemical and/or FDA compliance
  • PVC: 
    • Fits requirements for many applications
  • Nylon:
    • Heat resistant and used in many items such as storage containers and plastic fasteners
  • Delrin:
    • Strength, stiffness, lubricity, and dimensional stability
  • UHMW:
    • High abrasion and impact resistance – applications include bin and hopper lines, bearings, and gears

Plastic Services

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