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structural steelAs a leading structural fabricator of large-scale steel structures in Southern California, Pen Manufacturing has decades of experience and a complete line of in-house equipment to fully accommodate every structural steel fabrication project. From sourcing raw steel in the form of beams, columns, channels, bars, angles, plate, tubing, HSS, and other common steel standards to developing custom Weld Procedure Specifications (WPS), Pen creates corrosion-resistant and high-strength items of any size to rigorous standards.

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Structural Fabricator Expertise

structural steelA cost-effective, incredibly strong, and sustainable construction resource, structural steel fabrication is used to prototype and execute structures of lasting value with tight tolerances. Pen Manufacturing's expert California structural fabricators, MIG, TIG, and arc/stick welders assess a project's needs and efficiently execute each design to provide customers with products they can trust and rely on for years. For over three decades, we have serviced a variety of public and private industries with innovative and complete fabrication solutions for all of their structural steel fabrication service needs.

Structural Steel Applications & Project Examples

structural steel

  • Tractel Group - Fabricated structural steel components
  • Fluoresco Lighting Company - Structural steel lighting fixtures and frames
  • Burbank Fire Department - Structural steel components
  • Tri Alpha Energy - Structural components for advanced energy systems
  • Amonix - Structural steel components for the solar energy industry

Along with our full complement of manufacturing services, our customers can be confident that Pen Manufacturing will professionally implement any design regardless of scale or scope. Contact one of our experienced and highly skilled professionals to discuss how we can help you with our structural steel fabrication services. We are here to serve you as your California structural fabricator.

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