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Pen Manufacturing is an experienced full service stainless steel machine shop in Southern California. A popular metal for manufacturing projects, stainless steel offers the strength of carbon steel, high corrosion-resistance, and high threshold for wear that many customers demand for their projects. Stainless steel provides great benefits to customers, but it presents unique machining difficulties. Pen Manufacturing’s over 200 combined years of machining experience are capable of meeting these and other challenges.


Stainless Steel Grades We Work With

MaterialSpecificationsAdditional Info
Stainless Steel 300 Series, including (but not limited to) 304, 316, 321, 310, 301, 347, 317; 
17 Series, such as 17-7 PH, 17-5 PH, and 17-4 PH; in all shapes
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Our stainless steel machining specialists are experts in machining precisely while carefully maintaining strict tolerances, monitoring and adapting to the demands of each stainless steel type (including 304L, 316L, and other alloys), and providing customers with finished stainless machined parts of exceeding quality. Pen Manufacturing excels at machining stainless steel using a number of industry-leading tools, including:

Machinery Used For Stainless Machined Parts

Hurco VMX50 Vertical Mill 4th Axis capability and 50" by 26" by 24" envelope
Hurco VMX42 Vertical Mill 4th Axis capability and 42" by 24" by 24" envelope
Hurco VM3 Vertical Mill Envelope of 50" by 18" by 18"
Hurco TM10 Lathe 10" chuck
EMCO Durga lathe 8" chuck

Industries Served

For decades, Pen Manufacturing has offered solutions for stainless steel machining projects of any scale or scope. Our work for aerospace, electronic, robotic, transportation, and other industries makes us a manufacturing leader in fabricating, milling, welding, and machining. Learn how we can provide these services to you by contacting one of our experienced staff.

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