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Short Run & Prototype supply chain Machining in Los AngelesOne of the many in-house capabilities that Pen Manufacturing has available to our customers is the ability to prototype your complex parts and produce it in short run (small volume) quantities. Using the same equipment that is utilized for our precision CNC machining production processes, Pen Manufacturing can accurately deliver a prototype or a small volume run of your machined component. Are you looking for a supply chain partner in manufacturing a product that requires CNC machining? Look no further than Pen Manufacturing to assist your supply chain needs. We are here to support your processes from initial design to near-finish part delivery.


Prototype Machine Shop

Short Run & Prototype supply chain Machining in Los AngelesPrototyping can be handled in a variety of ways. If you have an existing CAD/CAM file or CNC program, we obviously have the experienced staff and in-house equipment to create your prototype. On the other hand, if all you have is a rough idea of the part, we can take your hand-drawn sketch and run with that as well.

Pen Manufacturing can provide design assistance, engineering assistance, determine the manufacturability of the component, and recommend the best material for your part. Our knowledgeable staff has years of experience with CNC machining in southern California using AutoCAD to design and SURFCAM to program the CNC machines. You can be confident that, with over a quarter of a century of combined machining and prototyping experience, the prototype we deliver will meet and exceed your expectations. Once the prototype piece is approved, a short run can be handled quickly and efficiently.

From a rough idea to a CAD file, take advantage of Pen Manufacturing's years of experience in precision machining in southern California and let us develop and produce your unique prototyping/short run product! Just call or email us today.

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