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When it comes to custom work in this industry it is safe to say that a vast amount of our expertise goes to the field of specialty plastics. As a reliable and common medium, it is often that a local company or university seeks us out to help them create their custom and intricate projects. Because of this, we hold a high reputation for having high quality machined parts. Our parts will be on time, with excellent customer services, and competitive pricing. We also offer aluminum injection molds and tooling for customers looking for prototypes and low volume manufacturing runs for their plastic parts. Specialty plastic services to a variety of markets including:

  • Biomedical
  • Food processing
  • Hospital
  • Mining
  • Semiconductor
  • Solar


Plastic Welding Capabilities

At Pen, our industry experts are capable of custom fabricating, welding and machining your project to your specific requirements. Some of these specialty plastic capabilities include:

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