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With the vast applications that brass provides we have used it to apply to an array of projects in industries such as aerospace, wastewater filtration, and more. Whether for free cutting brass, engraving, high-tensile, or gliding metal brass, applications of brass material include:

  • Water transport through pipe and fitting
  • Nuts, bolts, & threaded parts
  • Marine hardware
  • Builders hardware
  • Electrical terminals
  • Hydraulic equipment fittings
  • Gas valves

Benefits of Brass

  • Corrosive resistance
  • Excellent joining, plating, polishing, and finishing characteristics
  • High class look
  • Excellent machining characteristcs
  • Good strength and ductility

Brass Services

From brass bar stock to round bar to brass tube, we offer brass material in all shapes. Brass can be easily joined to itself and all other copper alloys by soft soldering and brazing. Fabrication of intricate brass work is much easier than some other metals and results in cleaner lines due to elimination of screws, rivets, and other connecting devices.

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