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Since 1982, Pen Manufacturing has been providing manufacturing services to a broad spectrum of customers in dozens of industries across Southern California. Pen Manufacturing's range of capabilities includes MIG weldingTIG welding, fabricating, and machining many different types of materials, like metals, plastics, fiberglass, and more. To offer our customers a "one-stop" solution we also have these additional services available: heat-treating, plating, painting, glass beading, sandblasting, and anodizing.

Companies We Have Machined, Welded and Fabricated For

This is just a partial list of the custom metal fabrication industries in California that we have served in the past and continues to serve today. Specific examples of companies that are customers and/or the products machined, welded, and fabricated by us are:

  • Saint Gobain– custom fixtures and machinery
  • Tractel Group – fabricated structural steel components
  • Pacific Robotics – precision machined component pieces for industrial robots
  • Remote Ocean Systems– precision machined components for underwater lighting
  • Fluoresco Lighting Company – structural steel lighting fixtures and frames
  • Ameron International– fiberglass piping molds
  • Burbank Fire Department – structural steel components
  • Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station – tracks for fire safe door
  • USMC – engine stands and in-house support
  • ATK Space Systems – Tooling and structure testing equipment
  • Tri Alpha Energy – structural components for advanced energy systems
  • Amonix – structural steel components for the solar energy industry

Meeting Your Project Requirements

Here at Pen Manufacturing, we continue to meet the demands of a wide range of industries with high-quality CNC machining, welding, and fabricating / manufacturing services, from components as small as one cubic inch to assemblies as large as ten tons. Our skilled staff has hundreds of years of combined experience in design, CNC machining, welding and fabrication.

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